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The Wichita Mountains Prevention Network (WMPN) is a dynamic organization that has grown and evolved since 1989 to meet the needs of communities in Oklahoma. As pioneers in prevention technology and community development, we are champions of proactive programming developed with community partners.

Through coalitions WMPN has been instrumental in increasing local support for our mission and the greater community mission of addressing high-risk behaviors. WMPN has a history of providing services to under-served and minority populations in southwest Oklahoma. In addition to selecting minority and low-income populations for services, our agency has always made it a priority to include these groups in community planning efforts and leadership roles.

WMPN achieves many awards and earmarks for excellence. In 2002 we were selected by Harvard University and the Search Institute national study to sponsor a noteworthy community initiative. Programs created by the agency have been recognized by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention and the Southwest Center for Applied Prevention Technologies. Several of these programs are now replicated throughout Oklahoma.