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Philosophy & Goals

Our Mission

The mission of the Wichita Mountains Prevention Network (WMPN) is to build a community where our citizens can lead healthy, productive, and happy lives.  We will do so by reducing risk factors and promoting protective factors in our community, our schools, our families, and our youth.

Our Vision

WMPN aspires to…
  • Create an atmosphere that fosters esteemed and valued youth.

  • Inspire a positive view of future for youth and families.

  • Provide quality comprehensive health education for all youth and families.

  • Build inclusive community partnerships to build assets.

  • Develop a professional workforce to provide a continuum of care.

Our Operating Principles

As WMPN strives to fulfill its mission and vision, its team members will operate according to the following principles.  They will…

  • Do business in a purposeful and focused manner.

  • Work as a team.

  • Bring individual commitment to the mission.

  • Support one another.

  • Communicate openly in an honest and empathetic manner.