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Ardmore Office

Counties Served by the Ardmore Office

The Ardmore Office is responsible for providing community-based prevention services to Carter and Garvin Counties.

Epidemiological Profile

An epidemiological profile (EPI) provides an assessment of the current issues related to substance abuse within a region.  This assessment utilizes data to examine consumption, consequence rates, percentages, and trends related to alcohol use and the non-medical use of prescription drugs.  This epidemiological profile will be updated every year to track the progress of prevention efforts.

Click on the link below to view the EPI profile for the Ardmore Office.


To provide exceptional prevention services to its communities, the Ardmore Office created the following coalitions: the Carter County Prevention Coalition and the Carter County Healthy Living Coalition.  It also partners with the PASS Prevention Coalition in Garvin County.  To learn more about the positive impact these coalitions are making in your communities, please click on the logos below.

CCHLC Logo (White) (2).png
PASS Coalition Picture.jpg
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