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PASS Prevention Coalition

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About Us

"The PASS Prevention Coalition ("PASS") was founded in October of 2017 by parents who were concerned with drug issues in their community schools. PASS is a local non-profit organization with a mission of bringing together individuals and organizations in the community to promote substance abuse prevention and provide support to families struggling with addiction. PASS operates based on four principles: Preventing addiction, Acting in faith, Supporting our community, and Serving with love. The goals of PASS are to implement strategies to prevent youth from using drugs, offer resources and programs for youth who are struggling with addiction, and promote policies that generate consequences for the exploitation of drugs. Within the coalition bylaws, membership is expected to consist of multiple sectors and communities.


PASS has the following sector representation and community partners: Media (KBLC Radio); Law Enforcement (Lindsay Police
Department), School (Lindsay Public Schools); Business (The Lindsay Chamber of Commerce and Parker Financial Services); State, Local, and Tribal Government Agencies (Mayor of Lindsay, State Representative, and Oklahoma National Guard Counter Drug Task Force); Religious/Fraternal Organizations (Calvary Southern Baptist Church); Other Organizations involved in reducing substance abuse (Ambrosia Treatment Center and the Oklahoma State Department of Health).

Our Community-Based Efforts

PASS members assess gaps with membership and services, striving to increase capacity as an ongoing effort. PASS understands the continuous need to improve effectiveness within the current infrastructure. PASS created an assessment for the community to determine any areas of improvement needed to implement, sustain, and improve substance abuse prevention services.  This assessment process allowed PASS to look at opportunities for member growth and responsibility and understand what efforts and resources were needed for continued improvement."

PASS works to prevent the non-medical use of prescription medication and marijuana misuse through research, education, and strategy. 


Non-medical Use of Prescription Medication 


Research has shown that some Garvin County residents are unaware of the dangers of sharing prescription medication and unsure how to store and dispose of their prescription medication properly. Educating residents on these issues is a proven strategy for reducing the non-medical use of prescription medication.  


Educating residents on the dangers of the non-medical use of prescription medication involves providing Garvin County residents with information on:


1. The dangers of sharing prescription medication;

2. How to properly store prescription medication in the home;

3, How to properly dispose of prescription medication at home; 

4, Where local prescription drug drop boxes are located (for proper prescription medication disposal outside of the home). 


PASS uses proven strategies to reduce the occurrence of the misuse of prescription medication and marijuana.

PASS has also begun working with Garvin County schools to raising awareness of opioid addiction, overdoses and raising awareness of the life-saving medication Naloxone. Naloxone is an easy-to-use medication that is utilized to reverse opioid overdoses.  

Misuse of  Marijuana

PASS offers signage to Garvin County dispensaries, at no cost, that state "Must present a valid medical marijuana license to purchase marijuana products". WMPN developed them based on similar signage used for alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs, and the signage has been approved by OMMA.


The PASS Prevention Coalition MISSION: The PASS Prevention Coalition is a local coalition of
individuals and organizations collaborating to prevent substance misuse and provide assistance
to families grappling with drug addictions. The PASS Coalition convenes at noon on the third
Tuesday of each month at the First United Bank in Pauls Valley and on Google Meet.


Pass meetings are open to the public, for further information, please Like and Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @PASSdrugfree or reach out to them via email at to stay informed about upcoming meetings
and events.



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