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The Carter County Healthy Living Committee's (CCHLC) mission is to prevent and reduce cancer and cardiovascular disease by encouraging healthy eating, physical activity, and tobacco-free lifestyles. Our coalition includes professionals and community members who are committed to changing the health outcomes in Carter County. In addition, CCHLC collaborates with the TSET Healthy Living Program serving Carter County.  To learn more about TSET's Healthy Living Program, please click here

Our Community-Based Efforts

In Carter County, tobacco use, poor diet, and a sedentary lifestyle have resulted in four chronic conditions: cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and lung disease.  These diseases account for more than 60% of all deaths in Carter County.  To learn more about our county's health conditions, please view the 2020 Carter County Wellness Profile.

To change the health trajectory of Carter County, CCHLC will conduct a Comprehensive Community Needs Assessment. This assessment will determine the county's locations where rates of cancer and cardiovascular disease and the risk factors for these diseases are highest.

Once the assessment is complete, CCHLC will use the data to select strategies to reduce tobacco use, encourage healthy eating, and promote physical activity in Carter County.

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The Carter County Healthy Living Committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 11:00 am. Our virtual meetings are open to the public.

If you would like to become a member of our coalition or subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, Healthy Living, e-mail us using the form below. 

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