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Prevention Services

What Are Community-Based Prevention Coordinators?

In support of ODHMSAS's mission to promote healthy communities, Community-Based Prevention Coordinators assist established community coalitions by providing comprehensive community-based prevention services in high-need communities to address priority substance use problems.  The aim is to integrate prevention services within schools, businesses, faith-based organizations, healthcare, media, and families.  In addition, Community-Based Coordinators assess the communities' needs to identify risk factors and implement strategic plans to reduce substance abuse. 

Our Community-Based Prevention Services

We identify contributing factors in our communities that cause alcohol and drug misuse-related problems and promote preventative measures to diminish the risk of substance abuse.


We accomplish this by:

  • Partnering with local organizations, public agencies, community members, and the media ensures that our communities are safe and healthy.

  • Collaborating with State Epidemiological Outcome Workgroups (STEOW) to collect, analyze, and report alcohol and drug consumption data to improve prevention practices.

  • Utilizing the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to assess, plan, and implement treatment approaches validated by documented research evidence.

  • Working with organizations to develop and/or enhance policies surrounding prescription medications, responsible alcohol consumption, marijuana, and stimulant use (prescription and illicit).

  • Cooperating with local coalitions to communicate efforts, allocate resources, and help stimulate community members to get involved with prevention efforts.

  • Conducting Community Readiness Interviews to determine a community's readiness and capacity to address substance abuse issues.

  • Organizing Coalition Readiness Assessments to identify the coalition's needs and build capacity and readiness levels to address the communities' needs.

  • Informing the community on safe storage and disposal of prescription medications and hosting Prescription Take-Back Events.

  • Facilitating Alcohol Compliance Checks.

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