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Lawton/Fort Sill

Community Coalition

About Us

One of the major community voices to improve the quality of life is the Lawton/Fort Sill Community Coalition (LFSCC), which began in 1988 as the Lawton Public School’s Substance Abuse Committee. Later, the Citizen’s Task Force for Drug-Free Community and later the Mayor’s Commission for a Responsible Drug-Free Community. These name changes reflect the current needs of Lawton/Fort Sill and the growth and development of our projects and their volunteers. Since its foundation, the Coalition has served Lawton, Fort Sill, and the overall Comanche County area. The primary mission of the LFSCC is to identify and implement proactive programs and strategies that will empower the community to develop healthy, responsible, and involved individuals. Partnerships with local organizations, countless hours of volunteer time, and strong membership commitment fuel the successful and effective activities of the LFSCC.

Our goals are to reduce substance abuse in youth and adults and build a dynamic and effective collaborative effort with broad representation from all community sectors.

Our Community-Based Efforts 

We raise awareness, inspire people by imparting information and education, and improve the quality of life for both adults and youth.


Specifically by:

  • Increasing awareness of LFSCC goals, objectives, and successes.

  • Unifying organizations to meet community needs.

  • Developing strategic plans that coordinate with relevant stakeholders within the community.

  • Reducing underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.

In order to serve the community better, a subcommittee was created, LFSCC Community Advocates for Safe Teens (LFSCC-CAST).  The goal of this committee is to decrease underage drinking among individuals under the age of 21 in Comanche County.  Learn about their Sequins & Sirens initiative.


LFSCC's meetings are open to anyone who wants to make an impact in Comanche County.  If you would like to participate in our prevention efforts, please join us at our meetings. 


Coalition meetings are held quarterly. 

LFSCC-CAST's committee meetings are held monthly.  


Please check our upcoming events for more information on the location and time of the meetings. 

Turning Point Conference LFSCC Community

Turning Point Conference LFSCC Community Champion Award.

LFSCC group at Lunch & Learn.jpg

LFSCC Group at Lunch and Learn.


22 SW D Avenue,  Suite 2
Lawton, OK 73501



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