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Lawton Grants

What are State and Federal Competitive Grants?

The foundation funder posts an announcement online, or a government agency issues a Notice of Availability of Funding (NOFA) or Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). All of these announcements contain specific requirements that applicants must address in their applications.  Competitive funding is a process of proposal selection based on the evaluation of a reviewer or team of reviewers.  Funding is based on the merits of the application, and recipients are not pre-determined.  This type of grant is also known as discretionary funding because the awarding office has some degree of discretion in deciding which applicants to award.*


The Lawton office received state and federal competitive grants to provide community-based prevention services focused on at-risk communities.  Prevention services address the following priority substance use problems and associated risk factors: 

Alcohol (Comanche County)

  • Preventing alcohol abuse through education 

  • Conducting community readiness assessments


Marijuana (Jefferson County)

  • Preventing non-medical use of marijuana through education

  • Strengthening community coalitions

  • Conducting community and coalition readiness assessments

Non-Medical use of Opioids (Stephens County)

  • Prescription Take-Back Events (TBE)

  • Educating the community on safe storage and disposal of prescription medications

  • Strengthening community coalitions

  • Conducting community and coalition readiness assessments

Part of the prevention work for all of the grants includes:

  • Raising public awareness through information dissemination campaigns

  • Policy, systems, and environmental change through policy and ordinance reform

In addition, the Lawton office has received the Drug-Free Communities (DFC) Grant with a focus on:

Underage Substance Use (Stephens County)

  • Strengthening community coalitions

  • Reducing substance use among the youth population through education

  • Creating and implementing policies to inhibit substance use among youth

* Source: eCivis Law Enforcement Grants: The Four Main Types of Grant Funding

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