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Ardmore Grants

What are State and Federal Competitive Grants?

The foundation funder posts an announcement online, or a government agency issues a Notice of Availability of Funding (NOFA) or Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). All of these announcements contain specific requirements that applicants must address in their applications.  Competitive funding is a process of proposal selection based on evaluating a reviewer or team of reviewers.  Funding is based on the merits of the application, and recipients are not pre-determined.  This type of grant is also known as discretionary funding because the awarding office has discretion in deciding which applicants to award.

The Ardmore office has been awarded the following state and federal competitive grants to provide community-based prevention services focused on at-risk communities.  Prevention services address the following priority substance use problems and associated risk factors:

Alcohol, Marijuana, and Stimulants (Carter County)

  • Educating communities on dangers associated with alcohol abuse and non-medical use of marijuana and stimulants

  • Alcohol Compliance Checks

  • Bar Checks

  • Conducting community and coalition readiness assessments

Non-medical use of Opioids and Marijuana (Garvin County)

  • Prescription Take-Back Events (TBE)

  • Educating the community on safe storage and disposal of prescription medications

  • Preventing non-medical use of marijuana through education

  • Strengthening community anti-drug coalitions

  • Conducting community and coalition readiness assessments

In addition, the Ardmore office has received the TSET Healthy Living Program Grant with a goal of:


Preventing Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease (Carter County)

  • Reducing tobacco use

  • Encouraging healthy eating habits

  • Promoting physical activity

* Source: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration -

** Source: eCivis Law Enforcement Grants: The Four Main Types of Grant Funding

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