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Carter County Prevention Coalition 

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About Us

The Carter County Prevention Coalition (CCPC) was founded in 2008, and our coalition is made up of professionals and community members from Carter County who have been working to prevent the non-medical use of prescription medication and the misuse of alcohol and marijuana. 

Our coalition has forged partnerships with key stakeholders in the sectors of healthcare, education, treatment, media, law enforcement, faith, business, recovery, civic, judicial, youth-serving, and tribal. Through these partnerships, we have seen many accomplishments, including multiple Drug Take-Back Events, the First Annual Carter County Substance Misuse Memorial, the First Annual Operation Prom, OMMA approved dispensary signage, as well as a local PMP Training for Prescribers and Providers. 

Our Community-Based Efforts

CCPC works to prevent the non-medical use of prescription medication,  marijuana and alcohol misuse through research, education, and strategy. 


Non-medical Use of Prescription Medication 


Research has shown that some Carter County residents are unaware of the dangers of sharing prescription medication and unsure how to store and dispose of their prescription medication properly. Educating residents on these issues is a proven strategy for reducing the non-medical use of prescription medication.  


Educating residents on the dangers of the non-medical use of prescription medication involves providing Carter County residents with information on:


  1. The dangers of sharing prescription medication;

  2. How to properly store prescription medication in the home;

  3. How to properly dispose of prescription medication at home; 

  4. Where local prescription drug drop boxes are located (for proper prescription medication disposal outside of the home). 


CCPC has provided 1,206 free prescription drug lock boxes/bags to Carter County residents since August 2017. In addition, our coalition has also provided 935 free medication disposal kits to Carter County residents to utilize in their homes to dispose of their unused or unwanted medication safely and conveniently. 


CCPC uses proven strategies to reduce the occurrence of the misuse of prescription medication and the misuse of alcohol in our county. 

CCPC has also begun working on raising awareness of local treatment facilities that help those suffering from opioid addiction and raising awareness of the life-saving medication Naloxone. Naloxone is an easy-to-use medication that is utilized to reverse opioid overdoses.  

Misuse of  Marijuana

CCPC offers signage to Carter County dispensaries, at no cost, that state "Must present a valid medical marijuana license to purchase marijuana products". CCPC developed them based on similar signage used for alcohol, tobacco, and prescription drugs, and the signage has been approved by OMMA.


Misuse of Alcohol

CCPC has also worked to reduce alcohol misuse by conducting Alcohol Compliance Checks and Responsible Beverage Service and Sales Training in Carter County.

Carter County Substance Misuse Memorial

Since 2018, CCPC, in collaboration with community partners, has set aside a day each year to memorialize those who have lost their lives to substance abuse.  This memorial provides an opportunity for residents to benefit from community support, and it provides valuable education on how to prevent substance abuse.    On November 9, 2021, CCPC will host its fourth annual substance misuse memorial.  This event will occur at the McClure Chapel at the First United Methodist Church located at 501 W. Main Street, Ardmore, OK from 6:00 p.m.-7:30 p.m.  In addition to providing educational resources, free food and drinks will be served.  Also, there will be drawings for prizes, a candlelight vigil, and music.  To learn more about this event, use the form below to email the coalition.  


The Carter County Prevention Coalition meets on the first Wednesday of every month at 9:00 am. Our meetings are open to the public and are held at the Ardmore Public Library's Smith Room, located at 320 E. Street, S.E., Ardmore, Oklahoma. Join us as we work towards a better tomorrow!

If you would like additional information about our coalition or you would like to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter, CCPC Reporter, e-mail us using the form below.


515 N Washington
Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401



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