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Comanche County Community Coalition 

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About Us


One of the most passionate voices for improving our community's quality of life is the Comanche County Community Coalition (C4). We started in 1988 as the Lawton Public School’s Substance Abuse Committee and have evolved into a powerhouse for positive change! We've grown from the Citizen’s Task Force for a Drug-Free Community, to the Mayor’s Commission for a Responsible Drug-Free Community, then the Lawton/Fort Sill Community Coalition, to now the Comanche County Community Coalition reflecting our ever-expanding mission to meet Comanche County's needs.

C4 is all about action! We’ve been making a difference in Lawton, Fort Sill, and across Comanche County for decades. Our primary mission? To launch and support proactive programs that empower everyone to become healthy, responsible, and engaged members of the community. We thrive on partnerships with local organizations, community members, and volunteers, and the dedication of our members to fuel our exciting and impactful activities.

Join us in our mission to reduce substance abuse among youth and adults while building a dynamic, effective collaborative effort that includes voices from all corners of the community. Let's make a difference together!

Our Community-Based Efforts 

We raise awareness, inspire people by imparting information and education, and improve the quality of life for both adults and youth.


Specifically by:

  • Increasing awareness of C4 goals, objectives, and successes.

  • Unifying organizations to meet community needs.

  • Developing strategic plans that coordinate with relevant stakeholders within the community.

  • Reducing underage drinking and prescription drug abuse.

In order to serve the community better, a subcommittee was created, C4 Community Advocates for Safe Teens (C4-CAST).  The goal of this committee is to decrease underage drinking among individuals under the age of 21 in Comanche County.  


Cast Committee - The Community Advocates for Safe Teens (CAST) committee is dedicated to preventing youth substance misuse.

Parent Support Committee - The Parent Support Committee's main goal is helping kids by helping parents.

C4 Leadership

President - Michelle Amerson

Vice President - Denra Riley

Secretary - Scott Thelen

Parent Support Committee Chair - Lajona Caldwell

CAST Committee Chair - Jennifer Gormley

Our Work in the Community

C4's work to prevent underage alcohol use in Comanche County focuses on education, policy advocacy, and community engagement. We organize awareness campaigns to inform youth and parents about the risks and legal consequences of underage drinking. The coalition collaborates with schools, local businesses, law enforcement, and healthcare providers to create a unified approach to prevention. We advocate for and help enforce policies that reduce alcohol availability to minors, such as giving information about Oklahoma's social host law, and demonstrations at local schools. We also provide resources and support for youth programs that promote healthy, alcohol-free activities and lifestyles.

Our Recent Activities
  • Community Resource Fair - Connected parents with  food, clothing, counseling, mental health, childcare resources in the community.

  • Red Ribbon Week - We promote action for substance use prevention, by partnering with cities, schools, and organizations to spread awareness, promoting participation in drug prevention initiatives, and holding community events and contests. 

  • Law enforcement training - Provide prevention strategies to reduce underage drinking.

  • Operation Prom / Operation Graduation - Provide customs materials, resources and training to promote celebrating safe and sober.

  •  Participated in community events/activities: Open Streets, Gang Prevention Conference, Moonlight Walk Against Drugs, Cops and Kids Picnic, LPD Academy Training, 428 Brigade Awareness Seminars, Mock collision Assemblies  at High Schools, Red Ribbon Week Celebrations / Proclamation Signings, Summer in the Streets. 


C4's meetings are open to anyone who wants to make an impact in Comanche County.  If you would like to participate in our prevention efforts, please join us at our meetings.


 22 SW D Ave Suite 2, Lawton, OK 73501


Coalition meetings are held quarterly. 

Every 3rd Tuesday at 3:00 pm

 January /April /July /October

Committee Meetings are held monthly. 
CAST- Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12:00pm
PARENT SUPPORT- Every 1st Thursday of the month at 11:00am


Please check our upcoming events for more information on the location and time of the meetings. 

Member Organizations / Partners 
  • Lawton Police Department

  • MIGHT Community Development & Resource Center

  • Oklahoma Department of Human Services

  • Safecare/Northcare

  • All About Understanding

  • Jim Taliaferro Community Mental Health Center

  • Evolution Foundation

  • Comanche Nation

  • Comanche County Health Department

  • Marie Detty Youth & Family Services

  • United Universalist Church of Lawton

  • Lawton Public Schools

  • Fort Sill EFMP

  • United Way of SWOK

  • Lawton Indian Hospital

  • National Guard Drug Task Force

  • Project Aware

  • Sooner Success

  • Integrated Prevention Advisory Group

  • Fort Sill ASAP

  • ABLE Commission

  • LATS

  • The Next Step

  • Oxford House

  • Through Movement Photography


C4 Activities


C4 Printed Ads
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22 SW D Avenue,  Suite 2
Lawton, OK 73501



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